Location Services

So you have finished your project in Puerto Rico! Congratulations! It is a little different to production or construction in the Continental United States! Just like anywhere in the world there are challenges that no one ever anticipates. Expectations run high and frustration runs even higher here in this tropical paradise. At least once a month I get an email from someone who ‘wants to get it done’.  If you want your project or product photographed the right way the first time, on budget, and on time, give me a call.

If you happen to be shooting a feature film, pilot, commercial, or live television event I can help too! I spent 15 years in the motion picture and television business! Like everyone in the biz we work our way up the ladder. I got my start with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) where I learned the craft of lighting and camera framing. Later I went on to be a Assistant Director, Director, Producer and Camera Operator. In fact, at the time, I was the youngest member ever to be admitted to the Directors Guild. Credits include everything from James Bond films, live TV with the Pope, innumerable commercials to Horse Auctions and more. If you are in need of a Still Photographer while you are here in PR, give me a call.